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Posturology - English version

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 The ultimate perfection of my manual activity has been the introduction of the principles of Posturology according to Prof. Bricot from the University of Marseille and Dr. Fimiani of Naples. This approach has made me finally able to harmonize the musculoskeletal system as a whole. With the reprogramming of the tonic postural balance system through the readjustment of the axes of the receptors eye, feet, scalp and jaw and their mutual integration you can give your body the perfect harmony of posture.

In a few years even scoliosis deformities of the spine, defects of parallelism of the legs, bad rotations of the joints and therefore all the painful symptoms that are the consequence can be reduced.

I personally find very fascinating that this effect is independent of  the age of the patient. Posturology shows that everything is fluid and moving, often at odds with the orthopedic rules whose static vision does not accept spontaneous morphological alterations after having terminated the growth. Indeed, it is hard to believe without seeing it in reality!


The scientific treatises dealing with Posturology, with their technical terms and unusual style of writing, often fail to make it clear, especially to the non-expert, how this diagnostic and treatment that could really help him to lose his pain and disturbances forever.

Posturology treats the equilibrium, deviations of axes, the tensions of muscles etc...

It is true that this is a common objective of all those specialists who work the human body from an orthopedic point of view. Deviations, blocks and contractions of muscles can be found and treated using manual, chiropractic, physiotherapy, electrical, surgical or whatever other methods. And with this set of views you can also get satisfactory results for a long time.

But often it happens that the person who suffers from an orthopedic disease does not completely heal, or benefits only for short periods of time and then falls back in his pains. The classic answer is: keep on doing the same therapies and if they do not help, either go into the direction of a psychosomatic cure, or get a surgical operation.

What is the cause of these recurrent relapses? Why is it so hard, to soothe the pain permanently?

Posturology has found the answer. The various deviations of the axes, the blocks of the joints, the vices of the posture result from an altered perception of the balance due to the setting of the receptors, so called antennae. These are responsible for the introduction into the body of signals for the orientation based on the gravity and then to support an erected position of the body without having to resort to efforts for avoiding falls, muscle contraction, bending, dejection. If the antennas percept the correct reality,  which the body balance system  has to reproduce, the maintenance of aces towards the force of gravity and other forces that affect them, can no longer be particularly difficult to be supported.

The receptors are: the plan of the eyes - the plan of the feet -   the dental occlusion - the skin - the vestibular system of the inner ear (more interested during movement than in a stable position). Almost always there are defects in these receptors when investigating deviations of axes with the respective pain syndromes.;

A similar example for the importance of the reference planes is the digital horizon in the dashboard of an airplane. If this horizon is set correctly the pilot will not find it difficult to tame the aircraft resting on his seat in the cockpit and watching the functions. 

In the case the electronic horizon is not balanced, then the pilot has to struggle in order to keep the unit in balance and avoid falling to the ground. In the case he will survive, however, the pilot will be tired and contracted at the end of the flight.

The "Postural Reprogramming"  acts by impacting on these receptors and modifying them to return to give correct signals to our nervous system - the computer for the integration of all the information for the life of relationship. It is the answer to the problem of the difficulty of treating pain and persistent deviations of axes of any type. This reprogramming is usually followed by a phase of adaptation concerning the tonic equilibrium system,  which can last up to several years, depending upon the complexity of orthopedic or neurological disease. But while this process gets consolidated, the problems disappear without other interventions.

You will see hard to imagine success, changes of body static and dynamic.

Especially in children Posturology  reduces significantly the scoliosis, the “ O” or “X” knees   , the foot deformities, which lose the lowering of the arch - the flat foot. In the adults corrections of these axes are less evident, but a new format is created, cohesion between bone and joint, muscles and tendons which do not cause pain anymore and have a visually more aesthetic outfit. The most fascinating aspect for me as I began to get interested posturologist was the consistency of the effects. The usual recurrences fail to appear and people remain healthy for a long term. For me, the Posturology has become the golden standard treatment between all the specialties that I offer. I am the posturologist of Florence.